It's Time for Allure to Simplify Holiday Lighting


A Spark of Elegance: The Birth of Allure Lighting

residential lighting installation

In the winter of 2018, two distinguished journeyman electricians, inspired by the elegant allure of lights, envisioned a grandeur solution to the annual tradition of Christmas lights.

Born out of their expertise, Allure Lighting emerged as the epitome of sophistication for discerning homeowners who desired to cast their estates in an opulent light, not just during the festive season, but throughout the year.


Crafting Luxury and Sustainability: The Mission of Allure Lighting


At Allure Lighting, we’ve crafted an unparalleled mission to provide bespoke, sumptuous lighting solutions. We elevate every space into a realm of aesthetic opulence while uncompromisingly championing sustainability and energy efficiency.

Through exclusive collaborations with elite manufacturers and our avant-garde solar division, we proudly present a luminous ensemble that pays homage to both luxury and the environment.

Our commitment is to bestow unparalleled service, ensuring every installation is executed with precision and accompanied by state-of-the-art technology that grants our esteemed clientele full mastery over their ambiance.


Meet the Founders

Allure Lighting dreams of bringing beautiful light to every corner of Canada. We want to make every building, from modern bungalows to historic mansions, shine with our unique lights. We’re expanding and inviting exclusive dealers to join us on this bright journey. Let’s work together to make lighting extraordinary for everyone.