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What We Provide

We provide the only highest quality safety certified LED track lighting system(s) and modules, built to withstand our harsh northern climate. All our lights connect seamlessly through the cloud to our user friendly app. Choose from over 227 preset patterns, 16 million colours, customizable patterns, and music compatibility. Here at Allure we guarantee excellent customer service and a quick detailed install, bringing you and your family years of enjoyment with Allure Luxury Lighting.

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Our Mission

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Our Mission

Our goal is to make our customers holiday’s, and celebratory events; memorable, hassle free, and fun for everyone to enjoy. At Allure we believe in building strong customer relationships, this is done by supplying our customers with a high quality product, and AAA customer service. We take pride in sustaining, and maintaining, our high quality craftmanship, products, and customer service; that our customers know and expect from Allure. Our reliable and energy efficient LED tracking systems are sure to make those special events more memoriable…

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Permanent Lighting Features

Please hover over an icon to reveal some of our premium lighting features.



Please click an icon to reveal some of our premium lighting features.



Allure lights are built to withstand our harsh northern climate, including those cold winter months, allowing you to use your lights all year round. 

Unique design allowing for fully customizable patterns and tones.

All our lights come guaranteed with a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty.

Our LED lights are high quality, energy efficient, and reliable.

Over 16 million colours and patterns with every colour under the rainbow at your fingertips, all controlled through the Allure app.

Allure will permanently install the lights on your home, giving you access to use them all year round for those special occasions.

The Allure lights connect seamlessly through the cloud, allowing you to have full control of your lights from anywhere in the world.

All LEDs and tracking systems are fully waterproof, built to even withstand that yearly powerwashing of your home.

Setup automatic timers to turn your lights on and off, simply done through our wifi connected app.


Create special themes for those special events, with over 225+ presets and patterns fully customizable through our App


Cloud based software that allows you to access and control your lights from anywhere in the world.

User Friendly

Our App includes a simplistic HUD and user interface, making controlling your lights easier than ever.

App Features

16 million colours

Personalize patterns

227 preset patterns

Customizable timers

Music compatibility 

Cloud/wifi based technology

Adjustable dimming

Apple and Android compatible

The Allure App

The Allure App is built for you, the user, to have full personalized control over your Allure Luxury exterior lighting. The app and lights connect through wifi, making it easy for you to access and control your lights from anywhere in the world. Set timers, personalize patterns, connect your music, and explore hundreds of the preset patterns through our user friendly interface.

We currently service AB and BC


Lighting Options

Allure lighting


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Accent Lighting

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Holiday Lighting

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Landscape Lighting

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